Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Defence Of Capitalism. No, really...

First, a quick summary of what Capitalism actually means, to the purists (like Ayn Rand):

1. Freedom from control (by government, or other people)
2. People always know what's best (i.e. they are rational)
3. Government's only role is to implement the law (as agreed by the people)
4. Democracy therefore is a bad idea (because it is control of the many over the few; see rule 1)
5. When people are free to pursue lives free from interference, they flourish (see rules 1 and 2)
6. Altruism (helping people, in particular, the weak) therefore is morally wrong; because it is interference into another person's life, and denies them the opportunity of self-improvement

In Capitalism, people are free to do what they like, provided they do not interfere with other people's wishes or control them (eg. by theft).

In Capitalism, people are able to deal with problems logically; people always know what the best option is in any given situation. They always know how to plan ahead and deal with problems before they happen. Companies are therefore intellectually incapable of making mistakes. Everything is for the best.

In Capitalism, the only thing that prevents people from happiness is government, or a lack of their own personal desire or motivation. Government is the highest evil because their function is to control (i.e. deny people freedom).

In Capitalism, because government's only function is to dispense justice, people are open to pursue and exchange all goods and services freely. In this Utopia, because people always know best, prices would be as low as possible because everyone would be competing to attract attention from other people. Unemployment would only be a symptom of those mentally disturbed people who do not have the desire to work. The best motivator to look for work is desire for opportunity.

In Capitalism, "democracy" would be meaningless because there would be no real need for internal goverment; merely the maintainance of justice, the armed forces and foreign relations. In any case, Democracy is the control of the many over the few; the rule of the mob. But in Capitalism, everyone is free and has the equal chance to thrive because everyone knows best. Government only blocks people's natural chances to thrive on their own intellectual steam.

In Capitalism, selfishness is the highest virtue because helping others means to control others; all despots have begun with the highest motives of wanting to "help mankind"; all have ended by enslaving it. If someone tries to help you, in Capitalism, you are morally entitled to punish them for daring to stamp on your freedom. All things that happen in life are a result of people's individual decisions; free-will and all that.

In Capitalism, everyone is free and has the right to pursue happiness. If they are unhappy, don't blame yourself; blame them.

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